Spotless patisserie


Director: Leona Kuo
Designers: Alisa Jiang, Leona Kuo
Client: Spotless patisserie


This logo design features a Western modern style characterized by simplicity and crispness. The visual centerpiece is the brand's English name, “Spotless," presented in a handwritten, cursive font, shining brilliantly at the forefront.

The text is rendered with the fluid lines of a fountain pen, ingeniously integrated with a treble clef, an infinity symbol, and a piping bag. The treble clef symbolizes elegance, temperament, and a cheerful mood, the infinity symbol represents sustainability and endless development, while the piping bag connotes the image of baking.

The fountain pen's tactile strokes also set this design apart from the traditional logos of Taiwanese peers, making this logo stand out and eye-catching.

In terms of colour matching, a palette of low-saturation blues is used, designed in various shades to allow for a broad and versatile application in the CI (Corporate Identity) design. This also enables immediate recognition, allowing anyone to quickly identify the distinct visual brand image of “Spotless."