The logo design concept embraces a cultured, warm, lively, and crayon-style illustration. The overall design centers around a lovable celebrity animal, the sloth, portrayed in a hand-drawn crayon illustration. The sloth lazily rests on a tree trunk, carrying a lunchbox on its back. The composition is lively, fun, and instantly recognizable, representing the unique image and industry of your esteemed brand. The crayon strokes add warmth to the overall design, symbolizing the slow and meticulous nature of handmade cuisine, offering every consumer the most delicious and healthy dishes.

In terms of typography, the design offers various layout options, allowing for broad and unrestricted application. The color scheme of the main logo employs earthy tones that are stable and mature, resonating with the sloth's laid-back ambiance. Within the corporate color palette, warm hues within the same color family are incorporated, providing versatility and allowing for diverse expressions in CI design while fully showcasing the distinct brand characteristics.

For the typography design, a custom font is created by combining a serif typeface with handwritten text. This combination achieves a balance between stability, maturity, liveliness, and playfulness, echoing the visual elements of the logo. The overall visual composition becomes more impactful, harmonious, and consistent.