Branding forms a significant foundation of your brand. 
For your business, you not only need a logo, but you also 
have to consider a broader scope of marketing considerations. 
Your own ''brand identity'' encompasses colour palette, slogans, 
typefaces, design aesthetic, photographic style 
and other assorted elements which
form your overarching personality.

Benefits of branding…

  • Increase the brand identity and visibility
  • Define the target audience and sales goal
  • Build the difference between competitors
  • Leave a strong memory for consumers
  • Create sustainable core value
  • Grow the team cohesiveness

What branding includes…

  • Define and research the core value of the brand:
    List the SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, PESTLE and Marketing Mix.
  • Define the Mind Identity:
    Build the brand belief, brand slogan, style, etc.
  • Design the Behavior Identity:
    Build operating rules, the company's policy, the attitude of operation, etc.
  • Define the Visual Identity:
    Logo design, identity font, typography, colour palette, infographic style, iconography, assistive pattern, stationery system, advertising system, etc.

Basic brand identity

  • Logo
  • Naming
  • Colours
  • Typeface
  • Typography
  • Assistive pattern
  • Mascot

stationery system

  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Stationery
  • Envelope
  • Identification card
  • Work permit card
  • File Cover
  • Uniform / T-shirt
  • Powerpoint background

public relation design

  • Invitation card
  • CD cover
  • Presentation file
  • Tote bag
  • Banner
  • Folder
  • Posters
  • Calendar
  • Souvenir

Environmental branding

  • Department signs
  • Floor signs
  • Direction sign
  • Car body design
  • Outdoor signboard
  • Identity wall
  • Glass stickers
  • Shop window stickers

advertising system

  • Poster
  • Flyer & brochure
  • X-banner Stand
  • Coupon
  • Postcard
  • TV Wall
  • Outdoor Advertising

online advertising system

  • Website
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Blogs
  • Event website
  • Online advertising
  • News


Collecting resources and references
The Background of the brand, brad history, the list of products, brand vision, etc. 

Investigate and analyse
Define the brand's characteristics, advantage, disadvantage, target market and audiences, competitors, products' features and budgets, etc.

Define Strategy 
Via the result of analysis, find out the core value of the brand, target market, brand positioning , product prices, marketing and operating strategy, etc.

Identity Design
After having the specific brand positioning, designers can start creating and designing. Through the beforehand work, the design can be more accurate for the target market. In the meantime, it can be more outstanding and distinct.