Proselect Watch


This logo design concept embodies a Western modern, minimalist, and prestigious boutique style. The overall design of the logo combines the imagery of Western royal elegance and timepieces, infused with a contemporary artistic style. It is meticulously crafted using geometric lines and circles, following aesthetic proportions. The incorporation of square shapes symbolizes stability, professionalism, and solidity, while the circular elements represent softness, elegance, and harmony. The fusion of these elements represents the finesse of Shifeng timepieces, catering to every customer's pursuit of perfection. The centred and symmetrical composition enhances visual focus, creating a sense of stability and nobility that allows for instant brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression. Regarding typography, multiple variations of layout designs are provided to allow for versatile and unrestricted applications.

In terms of colour design, the main logo adopts a professional, prestigious, stable, and calm earth-tone palette. Additionally, a touch of golden colour is incorporated into the corporate colour scheme. Gold, being the supreme and purest colour in nature, represents the sun, warmth, and happiness, and possesses the radiant charm that illuminates the world. The harmonious colour scheme within the same colour palette allows for diverse expressions and variations in CI design while fully showcasing the unique brand characteristics of your esteemed brand.

Regarding the typography, the chosen fonts are carefully designed to feature serif fonts. Serif fonts often convey a sense of nobility, elegance, and stability visually, complementing the overall harmony and consistency of the logo design.