MUCHEN Interior Design


Director: Leona Design 
Designers: Steven, Leona
Client: Muchen interior design


The design style of the logo is minimalist, embodying Western modernity and sleek professionalism. With your company's English name, MUCHEN, serving as the inspiration for innovative typography, the design incorporates streamlined strokes within the lettering to enhance visual style and effect. It symbolizes your brand's elite status, minimalist Western aesthetic, and understated fashion sense while also representing smooth communication with clients. The overall visual presentation is text-centric.

The logo’s versatility in layout allows for dynamic and vibrant future design applications and utilization. This logo sets itself apart from similar industry brands in Asia by being more eye-catching, intricately fashionable, high-end, and possessing a distinct quality that allows customers to instantly recognize the unique brand image and leave a lasting impression.

In terms of colour coordination, the primary colour scheme utilizes high-end, harmonious, and highly saturated warm tones to create an ambience of intelligence, trendiness, and simplicity. The enterprise’s secondary colour palette is designed to offer a diverse array of colour matches, extending to various levels of colour intensity and brightness, including grayscale for applications. This ensures that the CI (Corporate Identity) design can be broadly applied and perfectly embodies the brand’s unique refinement, complementing the overall visual coherence.