Moonland is a mattress brand based in Taiwan, and it aims to provide good a sleeping experience for people. Moonland is like a sleeping laboratory, which lets people come to try each different mattress and sleep a while so that customers can immediately find out which bed is most suitable for them.

The style of this logo is minimalist, warm, tender and elegant, and the main elements to consist of this logo are the moon and a bed. The logo is designed with curves to present a tender and soft atmosphere. The moon and bed ingeniously combine together, and it leaves some gaps, which make the logo breathe. It presents that Moonland brings a comfortable sleeping journey for every customer. After a fast-paced working day, people can enjoy their beds and have breathing time to release their stress. A good mattress provides deep sleep and fantastic dreams such as sleeping on the moon.

For the brand identity color, the main color is blue and it presents nights, dreams, and a relaxing feeling. The secondary colors are green and different shades of blue. Also, all colors are low saturation, which makes the whole brand more exquisite and comfortable.

The typeface is designed to be rounded Sans. The rounded typeface makes the atmosphere more tender and warm. Combined with the logo, the whole brand identity is more complete and unique.

Director: Leona Kuo
Designers:Hsiao Cheng-Yu, Chen Jing-Wen, Jiang Pin-Xuan, Chia-Yen Hsu