Hong Kong Hello Cocoa


Design Concept: 

Hello Cocoa is more than a brand; it is a testament to love from a father in Hong Kong, who has a son with autism. When his wife asked him if he could start a venture that would sustain their son even after they were gone, Hello Cocoa was born. Together, Louie and his son learned the craft of chocolate-making, delving into the creation of high-quality, delectable chocolates. The brand integrates charitable endeavours with government collaboration, providing hands-on training and including more children with autism and intellectual disabilities in the chocolate-making process, thus offering them real job opportunities and a foothold in society.

The logo design is inspired by the core story of the brand, symbolically incorporating the jigsaw puzzle element associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder Association (ASDA), intertwined with images of cocoa beans, hands, and themes of connection and bonds. Crafted with precise geometric lines and circles proportioned according to aesthetic ratios, the logo not only portrays the ASDA puzzle imagery but also ingeniously incorporates the shapes of hands and cocoa beans, making the industry affiliation instantly recognizable. The intertwined hands not only symbolize the profound emotional bond between the founder and his son but also represent the vision of Hello Cocoa: to convey infinite hope and warm emotions through a small piece of chocolate.

In terms of colour palette, warm brown hues resonate with the natural colour of chocolate, using a monochromatic scheme to enhance the cohesive and unified look of the overall brand design. This simplicity and elegance, distinct from traditional designs in the Asian industry and reflecting a Western style, represents the unique charm and premium quality of the brand, making the logo stand out and captivate attention.

Hello Cocoa 不僅是一個品牌,它是一位來自香港,擁有自閉症兒子的父親Louie,對愛的承諾。當他的妻子問他是否能創建一個事業,讓即使在他們過世後,他們的兒子仍能自給自足時,Hello Cocoa 應運而生。Louie 與他的兒子共同學習製作巧克力,逐步探索如何製作高品質的美味巧克力。品牌結合了慈善事業與政府的合作,手把手教導,並包括更多自閉症和智障兒童學習製作巧克力的過程,為他們提供真實的工作機會,幫助他們在社會上找到立足之地。

這個Logo的設計靈感源於品牌的核心故事,象徵性地運用了ASD協會的拼圖元素,並將之與可可豆、手的形象及連接、羈絆的意象結合。透過精緻的幾何線條和圓形,按照美學比例精心設計,Logo不僅展現了ASD的拼圖意象,也巧妙地融入了手和可可豆的形狀,一眼便能識別出你的品牌所屬行業。雙手相扣的設計,不僅象徵了創辦人與他兒子之間深厚的情感牽絆,也代表了Hello Cocoa 的願景:透過一塊小小的巧克力,傳遞無限的希望和溫暖的情感。


Design director: Leona Kuo
Designers: Hsiao Cheng-Yu
Chen Jing-Wen
Jiang Pin-Xuan
Chia-Yen Hsu