FRiSLAND is a new toiletry brand based in Taiwan. The brand aims to provide good skincare, hair and body wash for everyone, and the most important thing is that it concentrates on environmental sustainability. Using recyclable and biodegradable materials in the package and less print on each product is the most significant feature of this brand. Also, all ingredients in the products are added in special formulations from the ocean, and they are eco-friendly.

The style of this logo is minimalist, stylish, clean, and elegant. The main elements are the ocean, waves, the number 24, and shining stars. The number 24 is like a milestone for the founder, as she starts her business when she is 24 years old. Combining the number 24 and waves together conveys that opening a new business is always like riding the wind and waves, but she conquers all difficulties and ushers the shining star. The star also means the guide of this journey, encouraging her to keep going and providing the best goods for people, connecting every customer with this brand together.

For the brand identity colors, it uses the low saturation of blue and grey as the primary colors. The blue presents the ocean, dreams, and a refreshing feeling, and the grey is elegant and tender. Adding these colors to the brand makes it more exquisite and outstanding, perfectly using the colors to convey the core value of the brand.

The typeface is designed to have serifs. The serif typeface makes the atmosphere more refined and memorable, and all features of the characters are related to the logo. It makes the whole brand identity more complete and striking.

Director: Leona Kuo
Designers: Hsiao Cheng-Yu, Chen Jing-Wen, Jiang Pin-Xuan, Chia-Yen Hsu