Fatima Photography


Fatima Photography is a professional photography company in Bahrain and it has already operated for a long time. Fatima Photography aims to help every new wedding couple to leave a wonderful memory at their weddings and keep bringing happiness to people.

In response to the core value of the brand, the main visual and conceptual design is composed of three elements: heart, angel, and infinity. Using the infinity icon and hearts as the design elements to create this logo represents ''keeping creating and bringing memories and love'', which is related to the brand's story and the core purpose. The logo is designed and created by geometric lines and circles, and it also follows the rule of aesthetics, which lets the images more balanced, elegant and contemporary.

The identity colours are dark pink and green. The pink colour usually means happy and the green colour brings fresh feelings and decreasing the saturation lets the whole brand identity more mature, elegant, refined and stylish.

The typeface is designed to have serifs. The serif typeface the atmosphere more refined and memorable. With this logo, the whole brand identity is more outstanding and striking.

Director: Leona Kuo
Designers: Leona Kuo, Alisa Jiang, Jing Chen, Steven Hsiao, Cola Lin