Dr.18 Beauty


The style of this logo is Western, simple, elegant, contemporary and evocative. Using the brand’s name, Dr. 18, to create a new font as the logo is recognisable and memorable. The number eight is combined with the feature of gene and DNA, which means that Dr.18 always helps every client to keep young and pretty, and brings the best service and product.

此Logo設計風格為西方現代、簡約俐落、精品專櫃風格,以貴品牌名稱DR.18做英文字體設計logo,以幾何線條及圓形,結合雙股螺旋、重啟意象,依照美學比例,精心繪製出此logo,讓人一目瞭然,立即辨識出貴品牌,並且留下深刻記憶。文字設計中,將雙股螺旋、重啟意象結合至8其中, 象徵著基因科技,Dr.18為每一位客戶提供永保年輕美麗的最佳產品及服務;整體文字設計以穩重、專業的字體比畫作為發揮,有粗有細的線條使整體更加有層次、精緻。