Artigiano is a cafe brand based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The core purpose of this brand is to focus on not only how to make a good cup of coffee but also how to create a relaxing environment. It hopes that when people enter the cafe, they have an unprecedented feeling, which is like the fact that people in this hustle and bustle city can still obtain a short moment of serenity.

The style of this brand identity is minimalist, stylish and contemporary, and the logo is mainly created from coffee beans. Raw coffee beans are smaller and when they are roasted, they will become bigger. In the logo, from a small coffee bean to a bigger one, which is like a magical process, combing these two together makes an exclamation mark that conveys that coffee is such magic and always lets people surprised and happy. It also presents a footprint, which is like leather shoes, as Artigiano hopes that when people come and enter the cafe, they leave a strong memory like a footprint recording your journey.

For the brand identity color, the main color is red and it presents passion, love and fire, which is also related to its Chinese name. The secondary colors are black and grey, which balances the whole atmosphere. The red is low saturation, which makes the whole brand more exquisite and comfortable.

The typeface is designed to be rounded Sans. The rounded typeface makes the atmosphere more tender and warm. Also, the feature of the characters is related to the logo. Combined with the logo, the whole brand identity is more complete and unique.

Director: Leona Kuo
Designers: Hsiao Cheng-Yu, Chen Jing-Wen, Jiang Pin-Xuan, Chia-Yen Hsu