An internationally recognised branding,
graphic design, web design and marketing
agency based in Australia and Taiwan.

LEONA KUO Director

  • Master of Communication Design at University of South Australia.
  • LEONA DESIGN Director
  • LE & VI Creative Director
  • Red Media Design Consultant

I am Leona Kuo from Taiwan and living in Australia now. I graduated from master of communication design at the University of South Australia. I have previously worked for an advertising company as a visual designer in Taiwan for four years, and I have been doing design for ten years.

In 2019, I opened this company, Leona Design. Our design is different from traditional design. We aim to combine eastern and western design and exceed your expectation, providing a big surprise for you! Due to previous experiences of an extensive and professional background in the relationship between design and communication, Combined these skills learned from my work experience and study, I believe that I can contribute to your business.

Alisa Senior designer

  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at Tainan University of Technology
  • HOYA Visual-Communication Design
  • Paris Fragrance-Brand designer
  • Dr.Cink-Brand designer
  • OCENSE-Brand designer
  • 2015 Young Pin Sponsor Award-Ho lee Reasonable Award
  • 2015 Young Pin Sponsor Award-KYE Systems Corp. Special Award for Innovative Packaging

I am Alisa, Pisces and graduated from Tainan University, and specialising in visual design, graphic design packaging design and illustration. Making every day a special occasion is important for me, as life can become repetitive if we do not spend time making the extra effort! Through recording my life, it will stimulate my inspiration.

COlA Senior designer

  • Master of Visual Communication Design at the Ming Chi University of Technology
  • ASUS Taiwan- Junior Visual designer
  • 2020 Vision Get Wild Award nomination

I am Cola and I studied at Ming Chi University. Working hard and having an artist spirit is me! My star sign is Taurus, which lets my characteristic more determined, pursuing my goal hard. I have been doing design for four years and specialing in visual design, packaging design, photography and video.

Steven Senior designer

  • Bachelor of Media Design Technology at Chang Jung Christian University
  • KoiImage International-Visual designer
  • Tooget-Visual designer
  • Happy Hill-Brand designer

I’m Steven Hsiao, graduated from the Department of Media Design Technology of Chang Jung Christian University. After I graduated, I have been a graphic design for more than six years. I’m good at Logotype visual design and media design. Graphic design is my life, and it is also a job that I can’t give up.

Jing Senior designer

  • Bachelor of Information and Communication at Tamkang University
  • Huh Pot-Brand designer
  • ThreeBond commercial Film-Motion designer
  • MARS x Magi Planet commercial Film-Motion designer

I'm Jing, graduated from Tamkang University and majored in the department of Information and Communication. I was in charge of graphic design and signboard design for three years at PRIMO advertising creativity, and make some motion design works in this job. My belief is that you cease to struggle and you cease to live, so we must keep progressing whether at work or in life.

Humor Junior designer

  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at the Ming Chi University of Technology
  • Just Zishi design visual designer
  • Humor star illustrator

I am Humor and I have been in the design industry for two years. I am good at the integration of illustration and design. I like to integrate design logic, illustration stories, and imaginative imagination into my works. I believe that this combination can bring different feelings to the viewers.

KK Website engineer 

  • Bachelor of Applied Mathematics Department
  • Big Good Intelligent Systems Inc Front-end engineer
  • Neway Media Digital Technology Ltd. Front-end engineer

I am KK. I have been specialing in front-end engineering for four years, and I really enjoy building fancy and vivid websites. Discussing with clients is the best part of this work, as I can really understand what clients want and satisfy them. Also, during processes, I can develop more different skills and effects, which improves good user experiences!